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Staples doing the Five Tors

Brilliant Experiment by Nikola in Year 6

Here is a great experiment by Nikola in Year 6. She filled the glass with cooking oil and water, added food colouring and a seltzer tablet. This is what happened. Well done Nikola. 👍😀

Salisbury Road Primary Superheroes

A reading from the book 'Wilde' by Eloise Williams

We are thrilled to have the wonderful and inspiring children’s author Eloise Williams share an extract from her brand-new book Wilde. Eloise is the Children’s Laureate for Wales and her novel ‘Gaslight’ inspired some creative poetry by our fantastic Year 5 children. We hope you are finding time to read and losing yourself in a book or two. For more information on her new novel head to the following website. Thank you . https://fireflypress.co.uk/books/wilde/ www.eloisewilliams.com

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